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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

There are many aspects to remodeling a bathroom such as updating the plumbing, finishes, new fixtures and improved lighting. We strive to be as water-efficient, energy smart and environmentally kind as possible.

At American Remodeling we can do something as simple as updating your plumbing fixtures to transforming your bathroom into your own personal spa.

Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling

At America Remodeling, we are specialists in luxury bathroom remodeling  – creating spaces that meet your taste, lifestyle, and budget. If you want a bathroom that is as beautiful and unique as you are, then trust us to transform your ideas into reality.

From traditional and vintage to modern and contemporary or bohemian, our expertise in bathroom remodeling makes us the most trusted partner for luxury home renovations

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Our Three-Step Bathroom Remodeling

At America Remodeling, we are guided by values that are essential to us. These values define who we are, what we do, the manner in which we do it and what we, as a company, aspire to in our daily actions. We strive to apply these values in the relationships we develop with our customers and in the solutions we provide, as well as with everyone we come in contact with.

Step 1 : Design Goal

We begin with creating a design of a new bathroom that you’d love to have. It’s just a prototype to let you have a glance of how your new bathroom will look like.

Step 2 : Supply

We have everything you need for your bathroom remodeling project. We’ll show you a selection of bathroom products and accessories that you can choose and select.

Step 3 : Installation

The final step is to install your new bathroom with the suggested changes. Our specialists ensure you get just what you’ve paid for.

America Remodeling takes pride in being among the industry leaders and having a team of specialists. With us, you know that you’re having someone with rigorous training and the ability to handing any remodeling project easily.

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As a professional bathroom remodeling company, we are 100% dedicated to make sure you get the best products and materials based on your needs. 

As bathroom renovators we specialize in modern bathroom designs, trending bathroom designs, and much more. We will handle the whole process from design to build and finish. Turning your dream into a reality before you know it!


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America Remodeling is a full service kitchen and home remodeling company that specializes in modern design. We serve residents in Palm Beach county, Broward County, along with Miami Dade county. Whether you are looking for a kitchen, bathroom, or custom remodel we can help bring your dreams to life. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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