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Adding a Kitchen and a Bathroom

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It’s often worthwhile to renovate a bathroom and a kitchen at the same time, especially if they share a common wall. When two projects are done simultaneously, it minimizes the downtime and costs while maximizing the dramatic improvement a renovation brings to your home.

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Architects frequently put bathrooms and kitchens next to each other because they both use plumbing, which has to be inside a wall. When builders install the plumbing in the wall that is shared by the two rooms, it is easier, more efficient, and saves a ton of money on costly pipes and equipment.

Get a ‘Two-Fer’

If you are planning on renovating your kitchen and it shares a wall with a bathroom, it may be cost-effective to do both rooms at once — especially if the bathroom is also outdated, dark and dank, or if you simply just hate it.

For major kitchen renovations, demolition is often performed down to the bare studs. This exposes the pipes that serve both the kitchen and the adjoining bathroom. So if those pipes need to be rerouted, upgraded, or replaced altogether, the time to do it is after the demolition but before the new walls are put up.

You get a new kitchen and a new bathroom usually at far less cost than you would pay for each project individually.

America Remodeling

There’s also less inconvenience to your family if you do both projects at the same time. They only have to deal with one period of downtime. And the job typically can get done faster if workers are doing both rooms at once.

At America Remodeling, our goal is to give you the home upgrade of your dreams. And if we can give you two brand new rooms while minimizing both costs and disruption, that’s a win/win!

Minimizing Inconvenience for Your Family

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You may have heard horror stories about contractors who abandon a job in the middle of demolition because another job takes priority. This can leave behind a huge mess for the original client to deal with until the workmen decide to show up again.

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At America Remodeling, you never have to worry about that kind of thing because we intentionally focus on just one project at a time. Our goal is to give you the home remodeling of your dreams while minimizing inconvenience to you and your family.

Getting the Job Done

There’s nothing worse than having to live without a kitchen or bathroom as workmen tramp through your house at all hours of the day and night. It’s never easy having an upgrade done inside your home while you are still trying to live in it.

But America Remodeling works fast and efficiently while being aware of the disruption our presence is having on the normal life of you and your family. Many contractors don’t care if they are making your home life a nightmare, being noisy and leaving behind a huge mess. But we are not only aware of it but actively strive to minimize it by working fast and cleaning as we go.

America Remodeling

That’s because America Remodeling is a different kind of home renovation and improvement contractor. We treat your home as if it were our own. We keep in mind that we are working someplace where people live and who are simply trying to make their way through the unavoidable inconvenience and disruption of a construction project inside their homes.

Our goal is to minimize the inconvenience while maximizing the benefits of your newly remodeled kitchen, bathroom, or other area of your home.

Immediate Benefits of a Bathroom Upgrade

Interiors of the Modern Bathroom

There are lots of things you can do to improve your home. But if you want to make the one home improvement that is going to give you and your family the biggest benefits right away, consider remodeling a bathroom.

Interiors of the Modern Bathroom
Bathroom Renovation

It’s a fact: The bathroom is the one room in your entire house that everybody is going to use at least once per day, and often multiple times. We start and end our days in the bathroom. So upgrading that one room by making it brighter, bigger, newer, and better can have the most immediate impact on your family’s everyday life.

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom can entail things like replacing your current bathtub and shower configuration with a walk-in shower featuring frameless glass shower doors. Or change out your old, outdated vanity and cabinets with a modern, more efficient version that will bring you happiness every morning.

You can change the floor, the lighting, the walls, the cabinets, the toilet, or everything if you want. The only limitation you have is your own imagination. At American Remodeling, we can make your newly updated bathroom look any way you want. We suggest starting by closing your eyes and imagining your perfect bathroom. Then tell us what it looks like and we can build it for you.

American Remodeling

At American Remodeling, bathroom renovations are one of our most popular projects. Once homeowners realize the immediate value of replacing their bathroom — both to their family’s everyday life and to the prospective resale value of their home — they are usually anxious to get started.

If you are tired of your current bathroom, stop starting your day hating and get ready to start loving your bathroom remodeling project from American Remodeling.

Improve Curb Appeal with Exterior Remodeling


Are you considering selling your home sometime within the next three to five years? If so, you may be able to get more for your home by making some subtle, yet important improvements to its exterior.


Exterior remodeling includes things like replacing or upgrading windows, changing out siding, upgrading to a better door and/or lighting, or simply giving the old girl a fresh coat of paint. Making upgrades to the outside of your home is important because it’s literally the first thing prospective buyers see when they pull up to your curb.

Curb Appeal

There’s a term realtors use when referring to a home’s ability to make instant connections to buyers. “Curb appeal” refers to how attractive your home looks from the outside to a perfect stranger. And when your home has a lot of curb appeal, it is easier to sell — and often for a lot more money than you might have gotten otherwise.

Making renovations to the front of your home can often be a better investment than interior improvements such as a new kitchen or bathroom — especially if you are planning on selling your home. While you and your family may get more use out of a remodeled bathroom or kitchen in the short term, exterior remodeling can pay more dividends in the long run.

American Remodeling

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, exterior remodeling can be a good investment — especially if you don’t like the way your house looks from the outside.

With just a few simple improvements — many of which may be more affordable than you think – you can have a better-looking home with significantly more curb appeal. All you need to do is call American Remodeling. We’ve got plenty of ideas for improving the look, and value, of your home.

Home Improvement Ideas to Consider

Man painting wall

It’s always a good idea to think about ways to improve your home. Not only can it make your home more liveable for you and your family, but it also can add to its potential resale value.

Man painting wall

Even if you aren’t thinking about moving anytime soon, it’s always reassuring to know that when it finally is time to put your house on the market, you can get top dollar for it thanks to all the improvements you have made throughout the years.

So here are some ideas to consider for upgrading your home with the help of America Remodeling.

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling

One of the most common upgrades is replacing an outdated kitchen or bathroom — or both. These two rooms have the most effect on the functionality of your house. They usually are used every day by every member of your family.

But they hold a key place to your home’s value. If you an outdated or dysfunctional kitchen or bathroom, it’s going to be hard to sell your home — or at the very least, get the price you want for it.

It’s often useful to think about doing both the kitchen and bathroom at the same time. Because of plumbing and electrical design, they often share a common wall. So doing both at once can reduce both cost and disruption time to your family’s everyday life.

America Remodeling

In addition to bathrooms and kitchens, at America Remodeling we also specialize in interior and exterior remodeling projects like porches, patios, removing or add interior walls, or creating bigger, more open spaces for your family to enjoy together.

It’s always worthwhile to think about ways to make your home better. It can pay off both now and later.

Thinking about a Kitchen Renovation?

Black faucet with a steel sink in a stylish modern kitchen.
Black faucet with a steel sink in a stylish modern kitchen.

If you have been looking at your kitchen and thinking, “I really need to do something to make this better”, the time to act is right now.

The sooner you start your kitchen renovation, the sooner it will be done. And the sooner you and your family can begin enjoying the benefits of a bigger, brighter, and more functional kitchen.

But starting your kitchen renovation sooner rather than later can have financial benefits as well.

Building Value

Many financial experts are saying that after years of stagnation, the housing market is about to explode. Falling interest rates, ebbing inflation, and a whole new generation of first-time buyers who have been waiting for conditions to change finally are coming together to create a potential monster market for both new and used homes.

So if you plan on selling your house, condo, or townhome anytime in the not so distant future, any upgrades you make now can potentially pay enormous dividends down the line.

Your home will likely sell faster and at a higher asking price if you replace your existing, outdated kitchen with a brand new one from America Remodeling. Plus, you and your family can reap the benefits of having a luxurious new kitchen in the meantime.

America Remodeling

The kitchen remodeling experts at America Remodeling have been helping South Florida families discover both the functional and financial benefits of having a brand new kitchen in their home.

If you have been considering a kitchen upgrade, take it from us: The time to start is right now!

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