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Adding a Kitchen and a Bathroom

It’s often worthwhile to renovate a bathroom and a kitchen at the same time, especially if they share a common wall. When two projects are done simultaneously, it minimizes the downtime and costs while maximizing the dramatic improvement a renovation brings to your home.

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Architects frequently put bathrooms and kitchens next to each other because they both use plumbing, which has to be inside a wall. When builders install the plumbing in the wall that is shared by the two rooms, it is easier, more efficient, and saves a ton of money on costly pipes and equipment.

Get a ‘Two-Fer’

If you are planning on renovating your kitchen and it shares a wall with a bathroom, it may be cost-effective to do both rooms at once — especially if the bathroom is also outdated, dark and dank, or if you simply just hate it.

For major kitchen renovations, demolition is often performed down to the bare studs. This exposes the pipes that serve both the kitchen and the adjoining bathroom. So if those pipes need to be rerouted, upgraded, or replaced altogether, the time to do it is after the demolition but before the new walls are put up.

You get a new kitchen and a new bathroom usually at far less cost than you would pay for each project individually.

America Remodeling

There’s also less inconvenience to your family if you do both projects at the same time. They only have to deal with one period of downtime. And the job typically can get done faster if workers are doing both rooms at once.

At America Remodeling, our goal is to give you the home upgrade of your dreams. And if we can give you two brand new rooms while minimizing both costs and disruption, that’s a win/win!

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