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Flooring Is Important to Your Home’s Value

Do you want to know the true heart of your home? It’s not the kitchen or the master bedroom. To see the most valuable place in your home all you need to do is look down.

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Flooring is the most important factor in your home’s value. If your flooring is old, worn, outdated, or in disrepair, you won’t be able to get maximum value for your property when you sell it. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home anytime soon, replacing your broken or worn-out flooring now adds both value for the future and comfort for the present to your house.

Flooring Dangers

An old floor doesn’t just take value away from your home, it also can make it a dangerous place for you and your family. Older tiles that commonly were installed in homes at one time often include asbestos, especially if your home was built prior to the mid-1970s. Any scratch, chip, or cut can expose your family to a potentially dangerous carcinogen.

Then there are trip hazards that come from worn flooring. A wood floor that has a divot or hole in it can easily cause somebody to stumble or fall. Do you really want to expose your family to that kind of hazard?

America Remodeling

At America Remodeling, we can replace your old, outdated floor with a modern, luxurious new floor. Our team of experienced flooring installation experts can rip out your old floor and replace it with beautiful new flooring often in one or two days.

Don’t live with an outdated or potentially dangerous floor. Let America Remodeling replace your old flooring with a modern new floor that can last a generation. And at the same time, you can add value to your home and safety for your family.

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